Double Tap [2019 to date]

Working alongside the team on Double Tap Canada, Double Tap TV, and Providing editorial duties together with content production across the whole brand, including managing social media. adwinn · What are Password Managers?

BA (Hons) Sports Journalism [2011 – 2015]

Journalistic work created during the four year degree course at UWS.  Articles includes individual and collaborative work created for academic assessments, personal portfolio, as well as ad-hoc activities and roles. Links to work completed during this period can also be found within the other portfolio pages. Sport Interviews: Badminton ace Kirsty Gilmour prepared for home games Fay [...]

Freelance [2010 to date]

Content created for numerous clients, including football clubs, betting websites and online newspapers. A selection of work, where currently available, includes: Rangers TV St Mirren FC Sunset & Vine UWS Scottish FA Betting Expert Betting Choice