There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind

So, today (or tomorrow, I’m not sure of the exact date) is the last day of, before I lose the domain mapping, and the URL itself.

A sad day, because so much has happened because of it.

As explained before, like an old pair of trainers, I had grown out of ‘thelump’ as a blogging platform; since going freelance, the majority of my words will end up on other sites, depending on the jobs I do, whilst any that I do in my own time (such as my ‘Where the match was won and lost’ series) I send to other bloggers, who have much bigger and better sites and would welcome the content.

I started ‘thelump’ five years ago, after becoming hooked on Diggnation. For those not familiar, Diggnation was a vidcast hosted by two Americans, who reviewed content on the social news site Digg, focusing on all sorts of news from technology, to music and gaming; everything that interests the average 18-35 male, I guess. Diggnation was around at a brilliant time (2007 onwards) – the rise of social media, with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all taking off during the shows run,  and products such as the many Apple gadgets, and gaming consoles too. The world has changed dramatically over the last five-to-ten years, and this show not only documented it, but was also a part of it. As blogging and vlogging became ‘mainstream’, suddenly it was fashionable to write, or film your opinions, and upload them to the web.

Which is how ‘thelump’ got started; I saw what hosts Kevin and Alex were doing, and made a wordy alternative of it. The ‘this week in lumps‘ was a weekly post, detailing everything from upcoming movies, video game reviews, album information and also the tech news that were becoming fashionable.

And I loved writing every single one of them.

I had nearly a whole year of posts before my tastes changed, somewhat. As Euro 2008 approached, I decided to try my hand at football writing. The more I thought about it, the more I saw a possible career out of it, and the tech, movie and music stuff took a backseat. Sport has been a part of my life for almost 20 years, and it’s the one area above all others that I can confidently say I will never tire of. I’m not a strong movie buff, my music taste is so alternative it’s almost backwards, and although I’m a geek when it comes to technology, there are dozens of people who are far more passionate about it, and can cover it far better.

With me, it’s much different with sport, and it always has been.

I tried to turn ‘thelump’ into a sporting blog, having some great guest writers involved for a short time, but it wasn’t meant to be. Much like Diggnation, which ended this January, you have to know when to call it a day.

But without those original TWiL posts, and the support and backing I received whilst writing them, I wouldn’t have continued writing, and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, where people are willing to pay me for my words, and my opinions.

It seems silly to thank a domain name that I set up, but after today, it’ll be gone. The content will remain, but it’s still the end of an era, in my eyes.

Still, onwards and upwards. For the summer, I have an Olympic football blog to keep me occupied.

“Is this lump out of my head, I think so.”

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