What you risk reveals what you value…

Today, I finally sorted out a bugbear I should have done 12 months ago. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve been putting it off for so long.

I’ve had the adwinn.com URL for 18 months, happily using it for professional email purposes, and I’ve had this blog set up for around a year, but never got round to putting the two together. Now I’ve married them both, I can get on with sorting out other things (business cards to start with).

The other issue I now have, all of a sudden, is where to call my home, regarding blogging.

I have penned all sorts of articles on thelump.net for five or six years, it feels a shame to remove the URL or delete the site entirely, though at the same time I’m not using it as much anymore. For the last year the majority of my writing has been paid work, appearing on those specific sites; thelump.net therefore became a home for loose ends and quick fix pieces.

I’ve been putting off shelving it, but now I suppose it’s time. Not to delete or merge or anything as final as that, but to just… well, let it get dusty. Eventually, it’ll revert back to thelump.wordpress.com once the mapping runs out (I’m now paying for mapping for this site, and I wont be able to afford two lots).

It’s a risky move, if I’m honest, as I like to think of it as a pretty decent “brand”. My formative years as a blogger can be researched though the earlier articles (through please don’t, as they aren’t my best). thelump.net, named after that POT USA song, was once a weekly home to something completely different from sport, before turning into sport. Maybe one day in the future it’ll be something else.

Though, I’m reminded: progress always involves risks.

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