A is for Andrew

32-year-old sportswriter, broadcaster, producer and journalist, originally from North Hertfordshire, now residing in Glasgow.

After showing an initial interest in website design and management towards the end of my teens, I ultimately settled into writing online content, primarily for my own interests alongside full-time employment.

After three years of covering topics that interested me such as technology, food, and music, I began concentrating more towards sport from 2010. With the rise of social media, blogging and mobile internet, this quickly changed from ‘just a hobby’ into more and more freelance roles, and eventually the beginnings of a career.

In support of this, in 2011 I began studying Sports Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland. Over the course of four years of study I expanded my knowledge into beat reporting, broadcasting and project managing. I graduated in the summer of 2015 with first-class honours.